Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For God's Sakes, Man, It's NestLEE's, NOT Nessles!

Here a 1959 Australian TV ad for Nestle's Chocolate.  And for heaven's sakes, can't you ever get the name of the brand pronounced correctly?

How Are You Fixed For Blades, Mate?

Time for another old Australian television commercial, this time, an entertaining advert from 1962 for the Gillette Razor Blades, with some scenes shot at Sydney Harbour.

Here's How You Get Your Clothes Clean, Mate!

1959 Aussie commercial for Rinso Detergent.

You Better Buy Some For Lulu! OR ELSE!

Here's a 1961 commercial for Smarties candies, from Australia.

Get This!

Here's a commercial for Qantas Airlines, airing originally on Australian TV in 1965.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Everything OK?

From around 1960, here are Big Otis and Yogi Bear hawking Kellogg's OKs cereal.

Shortly thereafter, the big Scotsman was replaced as spokesman (and the model on the front of the cereal box) by Jellystone Park's most famous resident (sorry, Boo-Boo).  Kellogg's answer to Cheerios was not a big seller and by 1962, this cereal was phased out.

Early Carole Lombard

From 1929, here's "Big News" from Pathe.  This early talkie stars Robert Armstrong (of future "King Kong" fame) and Carole (spelled on the credits as "Carol") Lombard.  In this drama, Bob and Carole play husband and wife, with her threatening divorce unless he devotes more time to their marriage.  In reality, the husband is an undercover detective busy investigating a dope ring led by a crook who has friends in high places.  This picture, based upon the stage play of the same name by George S. Brooks, with adaptation and dialogue by Jack Jungmeyer and Walter DeLeon, was produced for the screen by Ralph Block and directed by Gregory La Cava.

Want A Treat For Your Taste Buds?

From the Cadbury folks, here's a commercial from circa 1967 for Fry's Crunchie, a candy bar, which aired on the tube in Australia.

Where's The Freaking Koala Bear?!

For you folks in Australia who may be looking in, here's a 1961 commercial for Qantas Airlines that aired on Aussie TV.

Now That You've Eaten All That Cereal...........

Time to brush your tooth, I mean, teeth.  Here's a 1961 commercial for Gibbs SR Toothpaste that aired on Australian television.

New Improved Quake

Here's a 1969 commercial for the new, improved Quake cereal.

Quisp Vs. Quake

From 1965, here's the commercial introducing two new Quaker Oats cereals, Quisp, the cereal from Outer Space, and Quake, the cereal from Inner Space.  The animation was produced by Jay Ward's cartoon studio.

Hey, Bub, Where In The Hell's The Cereal??!

From 1970, here's a commercial for Post Alpha-Bits Cereal, with a free toy racing car inside the box.  Do you notice that we don't see the cereal in this commercial?

Let's Turn On The Ole Wayback Machine

Here's a kinescope clip from the inaugural ABC Network telecast of The Lawrence Welk Show, dated July 2, 1955 for this piece of accordion wizardry from Myron Floren as he plays "Tico Tico."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say Kids--------What Time Is It?

Why, it's time for the fifth chapter of our 1945 Republic Pictures serial, Manhunt of Mystery Island, entitled "Mephisto's Mantrap."


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time For A Gypsy Love Song

In this clip from a 1962 ABC Network telecast of The Lawrence Welk Show, here are Jimmy Getzoff (violin), Harry Hyams (viola), Charlotte Harris (cello), and Frank Scott (electric harpsichord) preforming Victor Herbert's "Gypsy Love Song."


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jerry Lieber, Half Of Legendary R 'N' R Songwriting Team, R. I. P.

Jerry Lieber, who was the lyricist of one of the all-time legendary rock and roll songwriting teams, passed away on Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles from cardiopulmonary failure at age 78.

Together with Mike Stoller, Mr. Lieber wrote such songs as "Hound Dog" (originally a rhythm and blues hit for Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, better remembered as one of Elvis Presley's best remembered recordings), "Jailhouse Rock" (another of Mr. Presley's greatest hits and the title song of the best movie Elvis ever appeared in), "Searchin'," "Yakety Yak," "Charlie Brown" (all recorded by the Coasters), "There Goes My Baby" (the Drifters), and "Stand By Me" (Ben E. King).

Jerry and Mike were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1985 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two years later.

Bill Haley and Uncle Miltie on the Same Show ?!

In this excerpt from a 1956 NBC Network telecast of The Milton Berle Show, here are Bill Haley and his Comets with "Rock Around the Clock."

Time For Jerry, Larry, and Tiny

In this clip from a 1957 ABC Network telecast of Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes and New Talent, here are Jerry Burke, Larry Hooper, and Big Tiny Little on triplet pianos, performing "The One I Love Belongs To Someone Else."  This was Lawrence's Monday night ABC show that was sponsored by the Dodge and Plymouth divisions of Chrysler Corporation.

How's My Favorite Web-Surfing Bundle Of Bad Nerves?

Yes, folks, that's TV's Marcus Welby, MD (as well as Jim Anderson) himself, Robert Young, in a 1981 commercial for Sanka decafinated coffee.

So, That's How They're Made, Eh?

Yes, mate, that's how they're made, as this Australian TV commercial from the 1960s for that country's beloved Four 'N' Twenty Pies demonstrates.

Upset Stomach?

Then take a spoonful of Pepto Bismol, as this 1956 commercial suggests.  This originally aired during an ABC Network telecast of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Feel Like Going To Estonia?

Here's a video on travelling to the Baltic republic of Estonia.

New Jets Logo

The new logo for the current version of the Winnipeg Jets (the former Atlanta Thrashers) was unveiled last month.

File:Winnipeg Jets roundel.png

Mmmmm, Mouseburgers!

Here are Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales starring in the 1966 Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies cartoon, "Daffy's Diner."  In this one, diner-owner Daffy tries to sell a mouseburger to one notoriously hungry hombre of a gato, with disastrous results.  With story by Michael O'Connor, music score by Walter Greene, animation by Manny Perez, Warren Batchelder, Ted Bonnicksen, Art Leonardi, Don Williams, Bob Mats, and Norm McCabe, layouts by Dick Ung, backgrounds by Tom O'Loughlin, editing by Lee Gunther, and voice characterizations by the legendary Mel Blanc, this cartoon was produced by David H. Depatie and Friz Freleng and directed by Robert McKimson.

The last DePate-Freleng Enterprises-produced Warner Brothers theatrical cartoon release. 

I'm Not Even Going To Comment On This.......

Here's a 1984 commercial for Preparation H.

Let's See Snoopy Drive It

Here are Charlie Brown and Linus from the Peanuts comic strip starring in a commercial for the 1964 Ford Falcon.

Time For An Early Rita Hayworth Movie, Folks!

From 1937, here's Tex Ritter, along with his horse White Flash, starring in the Grand National picture "Trouble In Texas."  While Tex sings "Down the Colorado Trail," Rita Cansino (who would soon become better known as Rita Hayworth), as a government agent, investigates as series of mysterious rodeo deaths.  As the movie progresses, Tex is on the hunt for the gang that rubbed out his brother.  This picture, with screen play by Robert Emmett,  was produced by Edward L. Alperson, supervised by Lindsley Parsons,  and directed by Robert North Bradbury.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time For Another Chapter, Boys and Girls

Time now, friends and neighbors, for "The Lethal Chamber," Chapter Four of our 1945 Republic Pictures serial, Manhunt of Mystery Island.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Argos Hold Off Riders Comeback

At Toronto:

The Toronto Argonauts (2-6) withstood a late challenge in the fourth quarter to hold off the visiting Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-7) 24-18 in Thursday Canadian Football League action.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth

Here's Tinkerbell, starring in a 1956 commercial for Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

Time For A Sensitive Song

Yes folks, here are Lucy, Patty (the unflavored, original one), and Violet serenading Charlie Brown in a sensitive song composed by Rod McKuen for the 1969 motion picture, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown."

The title, of course, is "Failure Face."

Maybe Linus could have helped his buddy by using his blanket as a weapon against his sister and her friends.

It's amazing that, after years of insults from people who claim to be his friends that ol' Chuck hadn't resorted to attempting suicide.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Time For A Movie!

From Chesterfield Pictures in 1934, we present "Sons of Steel."  This film stars future Durango Kid Charles Starrett, Polly Ann Young, William Bakewell, Walter Walker, Holmes Herbert, Richard Carlyle, and Florence Roberts, with Aileen Pringle, Adolf Milar, Edgar Norton, Barbara Bedford, Tom Ricketts, Frank LaRue, Al Thompson, Harry Semels, Jack Shutta, Lloyd Ingraham, and Edward Le Saint.  With story and adaptation by Charles S. Belden, this picture was produced by George Batcheller, supervised by Lon Young,  and directed by Charles Lamont.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time For Chapter Three, Folks!

Time for "The Murder Machine," the third chapter of our 1945 Republic Pictures serial, Manhunt of Mystery Island.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chalk Up Another Loss For The Roughriders

At Regina, Saskatchewan:

Keon Raymond intercepted a pass in his own end zone and ran it back 117 yards for a touchdown on Friday night as the Calgary Stampeders (5-2) defeated the sagging Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-6) 45-35 in Canadian Football League action.


At Phoenix, Arizona:

Quarterback Aaron Garcia 28 of 42 passes for 402 yards and eight touchdowns (with no interceptions), the last traveling to wide receiver Jeron Harvey as time expired on Friday night, to lift the Jacksonville Sharks to a 73-70 win over the Arizona Rattlers to win ArenaBowl XXIV and the Arena Football League championship.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well, I Guess He Had To Travel On

Country and Western singer and musician Billy Grammer, best remembered for his 1958 hit, "Gotta Travel On," passed away on Wednesday morning at a hospital in his native  Benton, Illinois at age 85 following a long illnets.

Monday, August 8, 2011

AFL Playoffs: It's Sharks vs. Rattlers For ArenaBowl Crown

At Jacksonville, Florida:

40 year-old quarterback Aaron Garcia threw for 309 yards and eight touchdowns on Monday night as the Jacksonville Sharks defeated the visiting Georgia Force 64-55 to win the Arena Football League's American Conference championship.  The Sharks will travel to Phoenix to face the Arizona Rattlers in Friday's title game, ArenaBowl XXIV.

Goooooooood Episode!

Here's the March 4, 1963 telecast of The Andy Griffith Show, in which Opie, fed up with his history homework assignment, leads his friends in a revolt against their teacher.  Originally aired over the CBS Network.

For Those Who Are Old Enough To Remember----And Who Lived Back East

Here's a kinescope of an NBC Network special marking the 10th anniversary of the formal launching of television by the network as a public service at the 1939 New York World's Fair.  This telecast, hosted by Ben Grauer, contains kinescoped highlights from three 1948 events, including that year's presidential election returns.  Joining Ben on this April 30, 1949 telecast over WNBT (now WNBC) are Earl Wrightson, Kyle MacDonnell, and the Three Flames.

Here is a very rare nugget indeed!

Remember This?

I think this kinescope of an ABC Network telecast of the Dick Clark-hosted Where The Action Is dates back to late 1965 or early 1966.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

AFL Playoffs: Rattlers Top Chicago To Reach----And Host----Arenabowl XXIV

At Phoenix, Arizona:

Quarterback Nick Davila threw for 283 yards and seven touchdowns Saturday night as the Arizona Rattlers defeated the visiting Chicago Rush 54-48 to win the National Conference championship and advance to the Arena Football League championship game (ArenaBowl XXIV) where they will host the winner of Monday's Georgia-Jacksonville American Conference final.

Time For Chapter Two, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Time now for Chapter Two of our 1945 Republic Pictures Serial, Manhunt of Mystery Island.

Friday, August 5, 2011

BC Picks Up First Win At Riders' Expense

At Vancouver, British Columbia:

Slotback Geroy Simon caught seven passes Friday night for 137 yards, including a 63-yarder for a touchdown as the previously winless British Columbia Lions defeated the visiting and sagging Saskatchewan Roughriders 24-11 in Canadian Football League action, with both teams now sporting 1-5 records.

End Of An Era

Who's gonna look after his kids, now?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Football Great Turned Actor Bubba Smith, R. I. P.

Charles "Bubba" Smith, an outstanding defensive tackle who played his college football at Michigan State before embarking on a great NFL career with the Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders, and Houston Oilers, before becoming a commercial spokesman for Miller Lite Beer, then playing the role of officer Moses Hightower in six Police Academy movies, was found on Wednesday having assumed room temperature at his Baldwin Hills, California home at age 66. 

Bubba played five years with the Baltimore Colts, playing in two Super Bowls (the upset loss to the New York Jets in SB III and their victory over the Dallas Cowboys two years later).  He played two years each with the Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers before a knee injury ended his career in 1976.

His brother Toby, who played at Southern California and in the NFL, later became Bubba's agent.  He passed away at age 50 in 1999.

Here's Bubba, appearing in a 1977 commercial for Miller Lite, extolling the virtues of the product, as well as the easy-opening can.

Ironically, he did not drink, and a number of years later, walked away from his lucrative contract, out of concern that the commercials may have encouraged alcohol overconsumption.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Grief! Three Bread Commercials?

Here's a trio of commercials from roughly 40 years ago, for Weber's, Millbrook, and Butternut Bread, all staring various Peanuts comic strip characters.

I'm amazed that Sally didn't run off with her "Sweet Babboo."

Wanna Get Rid Of That Corn?

And we ain't talkin' 'bout the kind that comes in an ear.

Here's a 1972 commercial for Freezone for corns and calluses.

I may have embed this video previously.

Aw, but what the hell.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Name For The Former Outdoor Life Network

The much-rumored name change is slated for this coming January.

I'd Be Scared If A Bunch Of Corn Flakes Came Flying Our Of An Ear Of Corn, Opie

Here's an integrated commercial for Post Toasties Corn Flakes with Andy Griffith and Ronny Howard (as Opie) from a 1961 telecast of The Andy Griffith Show.

And Now, A Word About An Upcoming Show

From 1965, here is a promo for the inaugural CBS Network telecast of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The show was annual fixture on CBS for some 35 years before moving to ABC with the new century.

And, for God's sakes, keep America's Blockhead away from the piano!

How 'Bout This-------A Guy Who Talks To A Cat

Now, a 1960s commercial for Puss 'n' Boots Flavor Packs for cats.

How 'Bout A Bowl Of Chuck Wagon------------For Dogs

Here's a 1970 commercial for Chuck Wagon Dinner for Dogs, from the makers of Purina Dog (and Cat) Chow.


He Was Born With A Star On His Chest

From Republic Pictures in 1937, here's Johnny Mack Brown starring in "A Lawman Is Born."  In this one, a wanted outlaw puts away his guns and ends up working in a general store.  When the Sheriff is killed, someone wants this outlaw to take the newly-vacated job.  He staps on his guns again, only to see someone expose him as a wanted outlaw. Iris Meredith, Warner Richmond, Mary MacLaren, Dick Curtis, and Al St. John join Johnny in the cast.  With original story by Harry F. Olmstead and screenplay and adaptation by George H. Plympton (best remembered for providing screenplays for numerous theatrical serials), this film was produced by A.W. Hackel and directed by Sam Newfield.