Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WCC Tournament: Pilots Edge Broncos In Tourney Opener

At Las Vegas:

Ryan Nicholas scored a career-high 25 points as the eighth-seeded Portland Pilots (7-23) defeated the ninth-seeded Santa Clara Broncos (8-22) 74-70 on Wednesday in the opening contest of the West Coast Conference tournament.  The Pilots will take on #5-seeded San Francisco on Thursday.

How 'Bout Some Hot Shots?

This looks like a mid-1960s commercial for Beech Nut Hot Shots Candy.


Is Bugs After Peter's Job?

A late 1960s Kool-Aid commercial with Bugs Bunny (voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc) and three of the Monkees (Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Mike Naismith).

Davy Jones, Member of 1960s Group The Monkees, R. I. P.

Davy Jones, a Manchester, England-born former jockey and stage actor who would be best remembered as a member of the Monkees, passed away on Wednesday at his Indiantown, Florida home at the age of 66 from a heart attack.

Mr. Jones was an important member of the first, and maybe, best of the pop groups made for television in the wake of the popularity of the Beatles.

The Monkees, a half-hour sitcom from Columbia Pictures starring the group (which, besides Davy, also included Mike Naismith, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz) ran two years on NBC from 1966 to 1968, with the group breaking up not long after the series was canceled.

The group had a number of hit recordings including "I'm a Believer" and "Last Train to Clarksville."

Davy himself provided the vocals on "Daydream Believer."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Viking Gain Hard-Fought Home Win

At Portland, Oregon:

Charles Odum scored 22 points, two of them on the go-ahead free throws with three seconds remaining on Tuesday night as the Portland State Vikings (16-14 overall, 10-6 in Big Sky play) defeated the visiting Northern Colorado Bears (9-19, 5-11) 75-74 in the Big Sky Conference regular-season finale for both teams.  The conference tournament begins on Saturday and the third-seeded Vikings will host sixth-seeded Montana State in the first round.

Time For "Super Circus"

At least the second half of the May 2, 1954 ABC Network telecast of Super Circus with ringmaster Claude Kirschner, Mary Hartline, and the clowns, Cliffy, Scampy, and Nicky,live from Chicago.  This portion was sponsored by the makers Three Musketeers and Snickers candy bars from Mars.

Time For A Polka

Time for a 1955 Decca Records recording of "Poopsie Polka" by "Whoopee" John Wilfahrt and his orchestra.  Vocal chorus by Roy Boyle and John W. Schultz.

Hal Roach, NOT that one, R. I. P.

Irish comedian Hal Roach, a veteran of more than 60 years in show business, passed away on Tuesday at age 84.

Mr. Roach was best remembered for telling clean jokes and never saying anything durogutory about anyone.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ducks Hold Off Beavers On The Road In Civil War Clash For 20th Victory Of Season

At Corvallis, Oregon:

Garrett Sim scored 25 points (a season hight) while Devoe Joseph and Olo Ashaolu each added 16 as the Oregon Ducks (20-8 overall, 11-5 in Pac-12 play) held off the Oregon State Beavers (15-13, 5-11) 74-73 on the road as they avenged their earlier home defeat to the Beavers on Sunday.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vikes Top Eagles, Will Host First-Round Big Sky Tourney Game

At Portland, Oregon:

Chehales Tapscott scored 20 points and grabbed 14 rebounds as the Portland State Vikings (15-13 overall, 9-6 in Big Sky play) defeated the visiting Eastern Washington Eagles (13-16, 7-8) 69-64 on Saturday to clinch the number three seed and the right to host an opening-round game in the forthcoming Big Sky Conference tournament.

Cougars Top Pilots In WCC Tourney Tune-Up

At Provo, Utah:

Brandon Davies scored 25 points while Brock Zylstra added 20 as the BYU Cougars (24-7 overall, 12-4 in WCC play) defeated the visiting Portland Pilots (6-23, 3-13) 76-66 on Saturday in the West Coast Conference regular-season finale for both teams.  The Cougars will be seeded third in next week's WCC tournament and clinched a spot in the quarterfinal round while the eighth-placed Pilots take on basement-dwelling Santa Clara in Wednesday's opening-round contest.

Let's Go To The Movies

I've decided to institute a new format to our weekly Saturday serials by adding a cartoon, a comedy short, and a feature each weekend.

In this July 1946 Paramount Newsreel, we see highlights from the American League's 12-0 annihilation of the National League in that year's Baseball All-Star Game, as well as film footage of a deadly B-17 crash near Holyoke, Massachusetts that claimed the lives of 25 GIs, and Howard Hughes' near-fatal crash of his experimental XF-11 airplane. 

Next, a Paramount 1946 Noveltoon entitled "The Stupidstitous Cat," which introduced Buzzy the Crow to the Famous Studios roster.

With animation by Graham Place and John Walworth, story by Carl Meyer and Jack Ward, scenics by Anton Loeb, and musical arrangement by Winston Sharples, this cartoon, which involved a superstitious cat who was hoping that eating fresh crow meat would give him good luck, was directed by Seymour Kneitel.

Next, a 1938 Educational Pictures two-reel comedy (distributed theatrically by 20th Century-Fox) starring Willie Howard in "The Miss They Missed."  Produced by Al Christie, written by Billy K. Wells, and photographed by George Webber.

Next, "The Raider Strikes," the opening chapter of our 1941 Universal Pictures serial, Sea Raiders with the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys.  Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Bernard Pulsey, Hal E. Chester, Joe Recht, William Hall, John McGuire, Mary Field, Edward Keane, Marcia Ralston, Reed Hadley, Stanley Blystone, Richard Alexander, and Ernie Adams were featured in the cast.  With original screenplay by Clarence Upson Young and Paul Huston and  photography by William Sickner (ASC), and with Henry MacRae as associate producer, this 12-chapter serial was directed by Ford Beebe and John Rawlins.

And now, our feature presentation:

Hedy Lamarr stars in "Dishonored Lady" (Mars Films Inc., a United Artists release).  In this one, Hedy (whose production company made this picture) plays the role of a girl with a past, who would by cleared of a murder charge by her psychiatrist.  John Loder, Dennis O'Keefe, Paul Cavanagh, William Lundigan, Natalie Schafer (of future Gilligan's Island fame---or infamy), and Morris Carnovsky are also in the cast.  With photography by Lucien Andriot and music by Carmen Dragon, this 1947 film, with screenplay by Edmund H. North (based on Edward Sheldon's play) was produced by Jack Chertok and directed by Robert Stevenson.


Have the Ducks been caught?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Before And After Of Duffy the Lhasa Apso



He got a haircut on Friday.  He (and Sam the Chihuahua) belong to a sister of mine.

I'm Amazed Mike Didn't Interrogate Her About The Pie

From circa 1955, here's Mike Wallace (yep, THAT one) in a commercial for Golden Fluffo, a Proctor and Gamble shortening.

If You Prefer Chocolate Syrup

Here's a 1950s commercial from Bosco Chocolate Syrup.

If Ovaltine's More Your Bag..........

Here's a mid-1950s commercial for Ovaltine.


From the 1950s, here are ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson, his dummy Danny O'Day and Farfel the dog in a commercial for Nestle's Quik.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Charles In Charge: Vikings Top Hornets In Sacramento

At Sacramento, California:

Charles Odum scored 38 points as he hit 11 of 16 shots from the field (including five of eight three-pointers) while Renado Parker added 19 as the Portland State Vikings (14-13 overall, 8-6 in Big Sky play) defeated the Sacramento State Hornets (9-18, 4-11) 94-88 on the road in Thursday.

Gaels Get Back On Winning Track After Dismembering Feckless Pilots In Portland

At Portland, Oregon:

Clint Steindl scored 15 points while Rob Jones added 12 (to go with his 13 rebounds) as St. Mary's (24-5 overall, 13-2 in WCC play) ended a string of three losses in their last four games on Thursday with a 70-43 thumping of the home-standing Portland Pilots (6-22, 3-12), who have now lost four straight and ten of their last eleven starts.  The Gaels assured themselves of no worse than a tie for the West Coast Conference regular-season championship.

For All You Sportsmen Out There

Here's a promotional film for the 1956 Nash Ambassador.

Hey, Edgar, How 'Bout Having That Sassy Charlie McCarty Roasted In That New Frigidaire Oven Range?

Here's a commercial for General Motors' Frigidaire Oven Range that aired during a 1957 CBS Network telecast of Do You Trust Your Wife, which was then hosted by Edgar Bergen (the show moved to ABC in 1957 with Johnny Carson as host, with the show retitled Who Do You Trust? in 1958).

Billy Strange, Musician, Songwriter, R.I.P.

Billy Strange, a songwriter, guitarist, and arranger who aided the hit-making efforts of Elvis Presley, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, and the Beach Boys, passed away in Nashville on Wednesday at age 81.

Mr. Strange wrote the musical arrangement for the Nancy Sinatra hit "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'."  He directed standup bass player Chuck Burghofer to play the song's signature sliding descent.

Billy helped arranged "Somethin' Stupid," a hit duet for Nancy and her pop Frank.

As for Elvis, he contributed hit compositions including "A Little Less Conversation" and "Memories."

Billy also wrote the Chubby Checker hit from 1962 "Limbo Rock."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dippity-Do Dah, Dippity-Day...

My, oh, my what a wonderful day.

Here's a 1972 commercial for Dippity-Do.

Hey Clark....

Be careful how you use your X-ray vision!

From the 1950s, here's George Reeves as Superman's alter ego Clark Kent, in a commercial for Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes.

Could It Be?

Could some kind of playoff for top-flight college football finally be at hand?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here He Comes To Save Breakfast

Looks like a late 1950s TV commercial for Post Sugar Crisp starring Mighty Mouse.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Hopefully, you folks out there in InternetLand are having a good Fat Tuesday!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here's a 1958 French commercial for SUPER Colgate!

Colgate Dental Creme

Another early 1950s commercial for Colgate toothpaste, as originally aired on an NBC Network telecast of the Colgate Comedy Hour.

Memo To Happy Tooth

Stay the hell away from Mr. Decay!

Old, old TV commercial (early 1950s) for Colgate Dental Cream with Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody.

Love Thy Neighbor.............

Even if it kills you!

In this 1944 Columbia Pictures Fox and Crow cartoon, entitled "Mr. Moocher,"  the Fox becomes neighborly to the Crow and lives to regret it.

Produced by the Screen Gems cartoon studio.

Directed by Bob Wickersham

Story by Sid Marcus

Animation by Chic Otterstrom and Ben Lloyd

Music by Eddie Kilfeather

Voice characterizations (uncredited) by Frank Graham


Could We Actually See..

A comeback?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

E. J. Helps Guide Ducks Past Cardinal

At Stanford, California:

E. J. Singler, en route to scoring 20 points, notched 10 consecutive points in the final six minutes as the Oregon Ducks (19-8 overall, 10-5 in Pac-12 play) defeated the Stanford Cardinal (18-9, 8-7) 68-64 on the road on Sunday.  Olu Ashaolu came off the bench to add 14 points to the Ducks' coffers.  Josh Owens scored 20 points to lead the Cardinal.  Oregon now is tied with Arizona for fourth place in the Pacific-12 conference with three regular-season games remaining.  The top four teams in the conference at the end of the season are guaranteed a first-round bye in the Pac-12 conference tournament.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vandals Top Vikings In Interconference Battle

At Moscow, Idaho:

Kyle Barone scored a career-high 25 points while Stephen Madison (15 points, 11 rebounds) and Landon Tatum (10 of each) each posted his first career double-double as the Idaho Vandals (16-11) stretched their winning streak to five games with a 77-68 Saturday home win over the Portland State Vikings (13-13).

Pilots Fall In Malibu

At Malibu, California:

Taylor Darby and Jordan Baker each scored 17 points on Saturday as the Pepperdine Waves (9-18 overall, 3-12 in WCC play) snapped their five-game losing streak with a 70-65 home win over the Portland Pilots (6-21, 3-11).

Beavers Fall Again, This Time In Berkeley

At Berkeley, California:

Jorge Gutierrez and David Kravish each scored 17 points as the California Golden Bears (22-6 overall, 12-3 in Pac-12 play) remained tied for first place in the Pacific-12 Conference following their 77-63 Saturday home win over the Oregon State Beavers (15-12, 5-10).

You'd Figured Ol' Jack Will Get Out Of This One Alive: Conclusion

Time now, boys and girls, for "Yielded Hostage," the fifteenth and final chapter of our 1941 Columbia Pictures serial, Holt of the Secret Service.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Be Sure To Watch 'The Bob Hope Show" On NBC!

Here's a promo for the then-upcoming December 7, 1954 NBC Network telecast of The Bob Hope Show. Bob's guests were Maurice Chevalier and Beatrice Lille. 

Time For A "Hootenanny!"

At least a 1963 ABC Network promo for Hootenanny, hosted by Jack (son of Art) Linkletter.

Be Sure To Tune In Every Other Week To "Sugarfoot" On ABC!

Here's a 1958 ABC Network promo for Sugarfoot, with series star Will Hutchins.  The series, produced by Warner Brothers, aired every other week on ABC, alternating with Cheyenne.  This promo aired during a telecast of Do You Trust Your Wife? (soon to be renamed Who Do You Trust?, hosted by Johnny Carson).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bears Top Ducks Again

At Berkeley, California:

Justin Cobbs scored a career-high 29 points while Harper Kamp added 20 as the California Golden Bears (21-6 overall, 11-3 in Pac-12 play) defeated the Oregon Ducks (18-8, 9-5) for the ninth consecutive time on Thursday night, 86-83 at home, to remain tied with Washington atop the Pacific-12 Conference standings.

Pilots Fall At San Diego In OT

At San Diego:

Dennis Kramer scored 22 points and grabbed 11 rebounds on Thursday as San Diego (11-15 overall, 6-8 in WCC play) defeated the visiting Portland Pilots (6-20, 3-10) 78-75 in overtime.

Cardinal Top Beavers

At Stanford, California:

Chasson Rhodes scored 24 points (matching his season high) while Aaron Bright added 20 as the Stanford Cardinal (18-8 overall, 8-6 in Pac-12 play) defeated the visiting Oregon State Beavers (15-11, 5-9) 87-82 on Thursday.

Gary Carter, Hall of Fame Catcher, R. I. P.

Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter, who starred on the New York Mets' 1986 World Series championship team, passed away on Thursday at a hospice in the West Palm Beach, Florida area at age 57.

Back in May of last year, Mr. Carter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Nicknamed "The Kid,"  Gary was an eleven-time All-Star and three time Golden Glove winner.  His bottom-of-the-tenth-inning single helped the Mets mount a charge against the Boston Red Sox in the sixth game 1986 World Series, which New York ultimately won.

Both that game and the series, in fact.

Before coming to the Mets, Gary had started his Major League career with the Montreal Expos and helped guide them (now the Washington Nationals) to their only postseason berth (in 1981).

Balanced Scoring Makes Things Rather Easy For Vikings

At Portland, Oregon:

Chehales Tapscott scored 17 points and grabbed 11 rebounds as the Portland State Vikings (13-12 overall, 7-6 in Big Sky play) built up a 27-point halftime lead and coasted to a 85-67 home win over the Sacramento State Hornets (9-16, 4-10) on Wednesday night.  Charles Odum added 16 points for the Vikings.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tough Home Setback For Beavers As Huskies Climb Back To Tie For Pac-12 Lead

At Corvallis, Oregon:

Terrence Ross scored 21 points and grabbed 13 rebounds and C. J. Wilcox added 17 as the Washington Huskies (17-8 overall, 10-3 in Pac-12 play) moved back to a first-place tie atop the Pacific 12 Conference standings following their 75-72 road win over the Oregon State Beavers (15-10, 5-8), despite 23 points and seven rebounds for the Beavers' Jared Cunningham.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

E. J. Scores 23 As Ducks Convert Eleven Three-Pointers In Home Win Over Cougs

At Eugene, Oregon:

E. J. Singler scored 23 points and Devoe Joseph and Garrett Sim each added 16 as the Oregon Ducks (18-7 overall, 9-4 in Pac-12 play) made a season-high eleven three-point shots in their 78-69 Saturday home win over the Washington State Cougars (13-12, 5-8).

Will Jack Ever Get Out Of Trouble?

Here now is Chapter 14 of Holt of the Secret Service, our 1941 Columbia Serial, "Afire Afloat."


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ducks Too Much For Huskies As Oregon Ends Washington's Five-Game Winning Streak

At Eugene, Oregon:

Carlos Emery scored 16 points while Garrett Sim, E. J. Singler, and Devoe Joseph each added 13 as the Oregon Ducks (17-7 overall, 8-4 in Pac-12 play), shooting 56.5% from the field (64.3% in the first half), dominated the visiting Washington Huskies (16-8, 9-3) 82-57 on Thursday, ending the Huskies' five-match winning streak.

Lions Top Vikings On Road

At Portland, Oregon:

Drew Viney scored 16 points as Loyola Marymount (16-9 overall, 9-3 in WCC play), who hit 10 three-pointers, defeated the Portland Pilots (6-19, 3-9) 76-62 on Thursday.  Five Lions ended up scoring in double figures as the team shot 51% from the field and made 10 of 19 shots from three-point land.

13-Point Win For Vikings At Pocatello

At Pocatello, Idaho:

Charles Odum scored 18 points while Chehales Tapscott added 15 (to go with his 16 rebounds), Renaldo Parker 11, and Nate Lozeau 10, as the Portland State Vikings (12-12 overall, 6-6 in Big Sky play) defeated the home-standing Idaho State Bengals (8-16, 6-6) 67-54 on Thursday.

Cougars Top Beavers In Corvallis

At Corvallis, Oregon:

A 24-point, 9-rebound night for Brock Motum helped pace the Washington State Cougars (13-11 overall, 5-7 in Pac-12 play) to a 83-73 Thursday road win over the Oregon State Beavers (15-9, 5-7).

Time For Fun With Bobby and Paul

Here's a 1933 RKO Radio Pictures two-reel comedy short subject starring Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough, "Kickin' The Crown Around."  This short, with screenplay by Ben Holmes and story by Baker Burns Kaye, was photographed by Charles Schoenbaum, supervised by Lou Brock, and directed by Sam White.


Better Make Sure You Take Your Hat Off Before That Gun Goes Off, Roy!

From back in the day, here's Roy Rogers plugging Nestle's Quik.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Game: Super Bowl Postmortems

You might say that Eli Manning now owns Tom Brady (the same now might by said of Tom Coughlin vis-a-viv Bill Belichik).  This certainly ranks with the New York Giants' other Super Bowl triumph over the New England Patriots.  Hakeem Nicks caught 10 passes for 109 yards while Mario Manningham came up with a super catch during the Giants' game-winning drive.

As for the commercials, I'd give the Hyundai ad with the cheetah the edge over the Bud Light commercial with "Wego" the rescue dog and the two Doritos ads.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


At Indianapolis:

Quarterback Eli Manning led the New York Giants on an 88-yard drive in the fourth quarter, culminating in Ahmad Bradshaw's uncontested six-yard touchdown run with 57 seconds remaining as the Giants won their fourth Super Bowl championship on Sunday, 21-17 over the New England Patriots.  New York now has won as many Super Bowls as the Green Bay Packers (four).  Only the Pittsburgh Steelers (six), San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys (five apiece) have won more.  Eli, who won his second Most Valuable Player award,  completed 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards (including this key completion to Mario Manningham during the game-winning drive seen here in this USA Today photo by Eileen Blass) and a touchdown of two yards in the first quarter to Victor Cruz.  It's the second time that the Giants defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl in the last five years in comeback fashion.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cougars Pull Away From Pilots In Portland

At Portland, Oregon:

Brandon Davies scored 18 points and grabbed 13 rebounds while all of Noah Hartsock's 12 points came from making all 12 free throws as the BYU Cougars (20-6 overall, 8-3 in WCC play) defeated the Portland Pilots (6-18, 3-8) 79-60 on the road Saturday night.

Charles Odum Leads Balanced Scoring Attack At Vikings Cut Down Lumberjacks

At Flagstaff, Arizona:

Charles Odum scored 20 points as the Portland State Vikings (11-12 overall, 5-6 in Big Sky play), with five players in double figures (Michael Harthum with 12 points, Chehales Tapscott 11, and Renaldo Parker and Nate Lozeau with 10 appiece), defeated the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks (5-19, 1-11) 76-65 on the road on Saturday night.

Buffaloes Win Tough One In Final Second Over Ducks

At Boulder, Colorado:

After being fouled by E. J. Singler, Nate Tomlinson converted his first of two free throws with one second remaining and intentionally missed the second one as the Colorado Buffaloes (16-7 overall, 8-3 in Pac-12 play) nipped the visiting Oregon Ducks (16-7, 7-4) 72-71 on Saturday night.  Askia Booker scored 17 points and Spencer Dinwiddie added 16 to pace the Buffaloes, who are still perfect at home (7-0) in league play.

Jared Cunningham And Stingy Defense Power Beavers Past Error-Plagued Utes

At Salt Lake City:

Jared Cunningham scored 20 points while the defense registered 16 steals as the Oregon State Beavers (15-8 overall, 5-6 in Pac-12 play) picked up their fourth win in their last five starts, a 76-58 road win over the Utah Runnin' Utes (5-18, 2-9), who committed 22 turnovers.

Will Chapter Thirteen Be Lucky For Jack?

Here now is the thirteenth chapter of Holt of the Secret Service, our Columbia Pictures serial from 1941, "Prison of Jeopardy."  No, folks, Alex Trebek isn't in it.

Pro Football Hall Of Fame Class: Curtis Martin Highlights Sextet

Six players were elected on Saturday to the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Curtis Martin, a running back who played for eleven seasons (with the New England Patriots and New York Jets).  He ran for 14,101 yards and 90 touchdowns.  The 1995 Offensive Rookie of the Year (with the Patriots), led the league in rushing with the Jets in 2004 with 1, 697 yards.

Chris Doleman, a defensive end who played most of his 15 years with the Minnesota Vikings, registered 150.5 sacks.

Cortez Kennedy, a defensive tackle who played his entire 11-year career with the Seattle Seahawks, was a force inside the defensive line, both as a run stopper and a threat to quarterbacks.

Willie Roaf, who played offensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints (1993-2001) and Kansas City Chiefs (2002-05), played the left side of the offensive line in 12 of his 13 seasons.  He made eleven Pro Bowls and was elected to the All-Decade Team of the 1990s.

Dermontti Dawson made seven Pro Bowls as the Pittsburgh Steelers' center (succeeding fellow Hall of Famer Mike Webster).  He started for the Steelers for most of his 13 seasons.

Another former Steeler, Jack Butler, a senior selection, played cornerback for Pittsburgh from 1951 to 1959.  He picked off 52 passes, at that time the second most in NFL history.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Shooting Second Half Helps Carry Pilots Past Broncos

At Santa Clara, California:

Ryan Nicholas scored 19 points and eight rebounds as the Portland Pilots (6-17 overall, 3-7 in WCC play) shot 73.9% from the field in the second half as they defeated the Santa Clara Broncos (8-14, 0-9) 84-78 on the road Thursday night in a nationally-televised contest.

Damian Lillard Too Much For Vikings---Again

At Ogden, Utah:

The nation's leading scorer, Damian Lillard, scored 40 points on Thursday night as the Weber State Wildcats (17-4 overall, 9-1 in Big Sky play) rebounded from their first conference defeat of the season with a 92-79 home win over the Portland State Vikings (10-12, 4-6), who have now dropped three in a row.

Ducks Bounce Back To Top Runnin' Utes

At Salt Lake City:

Devoe Johnson scored 20 points while Carlos Emory (who made all four field goal attempts and all five free throws) added 14 and E. J. Singler 12 as the Oregon Ducks (16-6 overall, 7-3 in Pac-12 play) won their fifth game in their last six starts, 79-68 over the Utah Runnin' Utes (5-17, 2-8) on the road.

Colorado Buffaloes Oregon State, Ending Beavers' Winning Streak

At Boulder, Colorado:

Andre Roberson scored 16 points and grabbed 15 rebounds as the Colorado Buffaloes (15-7 overall, 7-3 in Pac-12 play) manhandled the visiting Oregon State Beavers (14-8, 4-6) 82-60 on Thursday, ending the Beavers' three-game winning streak.

Angelo Dundee, Legendary Former Trainer For Muhammed Ali, R. I. P.

Angelo Dundee, the legendary boxing trainer who helped Muhammed Ali become the first fighter to win the World's Heavyweight title three times, passed away at his Tampa, Florida apartment on Wednesday night at age 90.

Mr. Dundee, who recently attended the celebration for Mr. Ali's 70th birthday, also trained Sugar Ray Leonard in many of his biggest bouts.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don Cornelius, Creator and Long-Time Original Host of "Soul Train," R.I.P

Don Cornelius, the creator and long-time original host of the long-running syndicated television musical-variety series Soul Train, passed away from an apparently self-afflicted gunshot wound at age 75.

Mr. Cornelius' remains were found on Wednesday morning at his Sherman Oaks, California home.

Soul Train, over the course of its' 35-year run, would go on to become the longest-running first-run syndicated series in television history.

Don hosted the show from the beginning in 1971 until he stepped down in 1993.  The series ceased production in 2006.