Friday, October 5, 2012

Oooooh, That's A Big Spider!

From Universal-International Pictures in 1955, we present, "Tarantula."  In this one, a spider escapes from an isolated desert laboratory which is experimenting in giantism.  The anachrid grows to tremendous size and causes havoc on the local inhabitants.

John Agar, Mara Corday, and Leo G. Carroll headline the cast, and are joined by Nestor Paiva, Ross Elliott, Erwin Rand, Raymond Bailey, Hank Patterson, Bert Holland, and Steve Darrell.

With screenplay by Robert M. Fresco and Martin Berkeley, story by Jack Arnold and Robert M. Fresco, photography by George Robinson (ASC), special photography by Clifford Stine (ASC), and musical supervision by Joseph Gershenson, this film was William Alland and directed by Jack Arnold.

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